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Safari Tents for Sale

Undercover Safari Tents are proud to be Australian owned and operated. We have been in the canvas industry for over a decade (trading as Undercover Canvas), operating throughout Australia. We manufacture and install a range of Luxury Permanent Tents that define the term Glamping.

High Quality Luxury Tents

With years of experience and knowledge in the canvas and vinyl fields, and a passion for developing high quality camping products, we have created a company and culture that provides our customers with reliability and confidence in our products and supporting services.

Patented and Engineered Eco Tents

Our unique safari style tents have been engineered and designed for minimal environmental impact, to look great and last. Read more about our range of products by clicking here.

Glamping Tents

Undercover Safari Tents combine the romance and adventure of old-style camping with the latest in modern materials and construction. They allow families, couples and groups to have a unique break whilst still accessing their home comforts and getting a great nights sleep.

Glamping (glamorous camping) has taken off in Europe in a big way and is now becoming a demand area for a new style of holiday in Australia. People want to be outdoors and enjoy our beautiful environment but don’t necessarily want to be crammed into a small tent or cabin. This is an area that camp grounds are getting excited about as it enables them to draw in more and more customers who are looking for this style of adventure.

We Do It All

Unlike other providers of safari style tents we make sure that you are supported every step of the way. We don’t just send you the materials and tents to assemble. We offer a full range of services to ensure things are correctly set up without any associated hassles or worries. Choose from our standard range of Luxury Safari Tents or we will customise to your specifications – Read about our services here.

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