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New Style Of Camping

Since 2007, the team at Undercover Canvas have been manufacturing and installing our new Undercover Safari Tents in campsites throughout Australia. Our Luxury Eco Tents are perfect for the rugged and the fragile Australian Environment.

They have a lower environmental impact and are more affordable than traditional cabins. Plus they give campers a more traditional style of camping, often referred to as Glamping.

Our tents maintain the sense of adventure and the great outdoors – the things campers come for – while still offering the comforts and luxuries of home – the things campers sometimes miss.

Our unique patented commercial designs are fully engineered providing high quality durable accommodation that so many families, couples, and groups are now seeking.

Permanent & Semi Permanent Tents

We offer a range of designs and sizes of both permanent and semi permanent safari tents. We also offer different products to allow for varying budgets.

Different fabrics and colours are also available to suit specific requirements.


Safety of your guests is obviously paramount and with this in mind we can also produce tents fabricated exclusively from Flame Retardant material.

Modular Tent System

While we offer the most durable and advanced materials available, accidents can happen. By designing our tents based on a unique modular system, many of the panels can be replaced quickly on-site without experience or special tools. We know busy site operators need to prevent downtime, associated booking cancellations, and disappointed customers, which is precisely the reason we developed this patented feature. We are certain you will be impressed with the design.

From Aluminium to Koppers-Log

A number of designs are available to suit specific needs and budgets, from high-quality aluminium frames to more rustic eco looking commercial tents with koppers-log frames. We can also offer less permanent designs. Our entire safari tents range is made using the latest in mould resistant canvas or 100% recyclable PVC.

Custom and Bespoke Luxury Tents

We also offer boutique custom tents made to your specifications using a wide range of materials, including traditional canvas panels and Australian hardwood framing. We are always keen to work with clients, builders, architects and landscape designers to get just the right tent or hybrid for just the right experience.

Click on the links below to browse through our main range

The Banksia – Engineered Aluminium Frame – 3.6 x 10.8m ground cover. View details.

The Melaleuca – Engineered Aluminium Frame – 4.5 x 10.8m ground cover. View details.

The Boab – Koppers Log Frame – 5 x 9m ground cover. View details.

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